“It’s always been difficult to make a good record. To be perfectly honest with you, it’s really about the person that’s pushing the buttons. No matter what type of equipment you have, you still have to have a certain talent to be able to make a good record.”

Dr. Dre

Recording / Mixing

Big Snuff is a Recording Studio based in Berlin Weissensee run by the audio-engineers/producers Nene Baratto and Richard Behrens. As a big fans of the warm and fat classic studio productions, we record and mix completely analog, offering a real tape-to-tape recording process! Of course we also utilize a 32 Channel ProTools HD system for recording and mix!… just send me the tracks muddafucker… We also provide a collection of vintage instruments and backline.

> Studio / Gearlist (PDF)    > Backline / Instruments (PDF)


“Our mastering philosophy is to make your mix-down sound warm, powerful and “loud enough”! Nowadays loudness is one the most important topics in the music business. BigSnuff mastering optimizes your music getting the “best” possible sound as well as loudness on all current market devices, without slashing the original dynamics and equalisation of the mix. As the last step in the production chain mastering can enhance or kill the whole process. The only gear we really trust is our taste, experience and ears. Try one test master for free and we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

> Mastering gearlist(PDF)


Emanuele "Nene" Baratto:

Nene is an Italian musician, audio engineer, sounddesigner, composer and arranger with 15 years experience in recording, mixing and mastering and more than 100 released album and singles. Moving to Berlin made him embrace the whole landscape of alternative music from dirty bad ass punx to black (power!) music, collaborating with producers such as King Khan and Maximilian Weissenfeldt, to create real sonic masterpieces.”


Richard Behrens

Rooted in the heavy rock scene of Berlin, Richard began recording bands in 2007 creating a reference sound for the german heavy psychedelic music underground. He played in Samsara Blues Experiment and Heat and is currently also working as FOH mixer for Kadavar.




Write us a mail for rates and dates, give us a call or come by in Weissensee.

Richard: +49 172 4981892

Weißensee, BERLIN